Lloyd Enoch
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Welcome To Enoch's Garden

           SCULPTURE                     GALLERY
       Lloyd Enoch Jr.
        Skirdee Kat                      Sandhill Crane
             SunGod                         Rockin Robin
Deep in the mountains of West Virginia, Enochs Garden is located in Sandstone WV. All sculptures are created from Scrap metal, Junk and Found Objects that usually end up in our landfills. So lets help save our planet one piece of rusty metal at a time.
 Artist Lloyd Enoch.
                               Cock Fight
                                  Grasshopper                                              Ladybug                                                               Leap Frog
All our Bugs are Raid proof and our Animals never need fed.
                                   Butterfly                                               Birds a Hummin                                                 Dragonfly
                            Monchat                      Angel                                        Fleur De Lis